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Tips for dealing with clothing and changing clothes

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A good inventory organization method is the easiest to get dressed quickly.










* Tops




--Woven Top

* Bottoms

-- Jeans



*Full Outfits




-- Cosplay






















Body Parts:


--by tone

--- by Designer


--Hair Base




















-platform (aka exotic)


- red




*Scars or Blood




-clothing layer



That helps me get dressed quickly :) It takes a lot in the beginning but then it gets to the point where you sort by top category down.

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SleepyEyes wrote:

Lol im still confused , i bought 4 things and they pop up as those " boxes " your talking about . Any suggestions on what to buy and what not to buy ? Lol .

Find somewhere you are allowed to rez (create in world) your boxes. Sandboxes are an acceptable standby. Drag the box from inventory to the ground (close to your avatar is best). Right-click the box and select 'open', then 'copy to inventory'. A folder should appear in your Inventory with the items you have purchased/obtained as a freebie/been gifted by a generous benefactor.

Congratulations, you have now performed on of the most un-intuitive procedures in SL. There is no looking back.

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Go somewhere private and/or that permits changing clothes. No one wants to see your junk.  :)

Organizing: Learn how to create a folder. Open the 2nd inventory window. Make a folder in one inventory window and name it something memorable and descriptive. Drag the clothes folder into that new descriptive folder.

Never separate clothes out of the folders they came in. You will never find the pieces later.

I organize something like this:

Clothing - Dresses - Knee Length

Clothing - Dresses - Mini - Everyday

Clothing - Dresses - Mini - Fancy

Clothing - Tops - Tank Tops





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Lexie Linden wrote:

One good tip is: if you end up wearing a box/package, don't feel bad!  I think everyone has done that at least once.


Ah, the early days!  I do remember learning "drag to ground."  Before that I would wear and then choose "drop."  It was so exciting to learn I didn't have to go through those steps.

One thing I do love is that some merchants are incorporating a script so when you "wear" a box you can copy it to inventory while worn.  Why ALL merchants don't use this is beyond me. 

I do as someone else in this thread suggested, have what I refer to as my "Basic Nude Avatar" in my outfits folder.  It incorporates the skin, shape, eyes and accessories as well as HUDs I never leave home without.

When I put on a new out fit I NEVER just chose "wear" on the folder.  Rather I put on one item at a time so I can see exactly what it does.  There is no sense wearing three layers of the same item (undershirt, shirt & jacket) if they all look identical.  And if they are different you may miss that fact.  I have some shirts that the chosen layer can change the appearance from being tucked in my pants or not being tucked in.

So while it can take a couple of extra minutes I find that this is well worth my time.

p.s.  I prefer receiving my clothes in boxes.  To reduce inventory clutter I save my back up copies into a prim.  Otherwise it would be a huge mess to save the hundreds of individual items 'loose' in a prim.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3451 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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