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[Got] Spare water in parcel with spare prims, anyone?

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I haven't got anywhere to stay at the minute, and, you guessed it, want to get somewhere! Only problem is, I'm not getting enough money in from my logo design services (quick plug - link is in my signature!) to rent or own one myself. So my question is - does anyone have any land that they own, that has water that they're not using in the same parcel, with spare prims, and would be happy to let me park my houseboat in their unused water? It would absolutely make my Christmas (and my birthday in 3 days!). You would have my eternal gratitude, and I would try and make some small payments to you when I can as thanks.

To give you an idea, the boat is just under 200 prims when parked. I don't need a jetty or anything, just spare water that I can park it in. I do need rez access on the parcel however, because parts of the boat are rez/derez as required, and the actual house bit derezzes when you start driving the boat, only to re-autoattach after you stop.


Many thanks peeps. hopefully someone will be able to offer me a spot :)




EDIT: See below, I got the perfect spot thanks to IrelandRoseVI Resident!

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