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JamesMichael Morane

Is SL down?

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Dillon Levenque wrote:

Ceka Cianci wrote:

Ya it seems to be down..

Even my SuperPremiumExcalibur#Account isn't getting in..So it's pretty down..

ETA: Oh wait no,it just took a little longer than 30 seconds to get it..Whew for a second there  i was worried.


You should consider moving up to SuperPremiumExcaliburPLATINUM. Yes, it's a bit pricey but well worth it IMO. You not only get login capabliity even during unscheduled maintenance—and isn't that nice? "Sorry, the sim is down. Oh. It's YOU, Ms. Cianci. Welcome."—but going Platinum adds Ban Line & Orb Imperviousness so you can go anywhere anytime and perv to your heart's content, plus you are assigned your own personal Linden concierge/PA who you can call upon 24/7 to deal with any issues or unpleasantness you find. ;-)

I had that at one time,but then figured out that i can't use banlines as trampoline anymore..

Something i really enjoy in second life..so i had to downgrade so i could get my bounce back:matte-motes-nerdy:




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