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What happens to my land if I stop being premium?

Kero Yifu
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Kero Yifu wrote:

I own a land in Region Fishii of a size 4096m. I would like to know if I can still keep my land if I stop being premium and if the price for it will still be 25$?

You have to maintain your Premium to own land.

And actually in fact, you can't go to Basic without first disposing (selling or abandoning)  your land.

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Fishii is a mainland sim, and if you are owning it and paying tier directly to LL, you have to have premium.

However you can rent both in private regions and on mainland without having a premium account. Then you pay to another resident (landlord) that pays in turn to LL. It can sometimes be a little more expensive, but if you are from europe and pay VAT, it can as well be cheaper.

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