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Still seeking NATURAL tied-back hair for African Americans

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Something like this?


Problem is, that I have not seen any buns with that frizzy look. Maybe you would be better off wearing a hair wrap or a bandana if you roleplay a lower class woman. 



Knickknack has a very old baker's hat. It is old but really well made. I have it for one alt and it is mod so you can edit off the loose hair. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/knickknack-The-Bakers-Hat-BLACKs/1557702


Or a wealthy woman would wear a richer fabric that is arranged in a high turban.

L&H has many head wraps of different looks. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LH-Headwrap-DG-blue/5028262

Sorry that I can't help you find what you want. Maybe others has seen frizzy hair buns?

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If the style in the last picture suffices, I have something like that which I got from 22769. "The Badu"



Here I am wearing it on two old images posted way back when on these forums, on two different looks:




Its sold in a number of colors (4 I think), and is mod - so you can tweak it as desired.


As for a bun, there are these two:



- which has a bad marketplace image, but if memory serves me right, one or both of those is two pigtail buns.



And there are these:








Remember that just because the image on Marketplace looks disgustingly horrible with a fish-faced avatar, doesn't mean the hair will give you a fish-face. :)

Try demos, and visit their shops inworld to see if these are the only such options.


I recommend these stores as places to investigate:

Songfeather - good dreadlock hair is hidden in between some weird stuff, and as such there may be some other styles that suit.

booN - where the cornrows above came from. Many other styles there, and among them might be a look that works.

Discord Designs - mostly dreadlocks and beards, but there is stuff in between all of that of other varieties.

EMO - mostly a place to get a super long straight black hair with feathers in it that looks Native American and is used by white dudes who are bikers in SL for... some reason... But there are some dreads and buns in there, and as such - one of these might be enough bun and not too much dread to give the right look, if you mess with it a little.


You kind of have to just go inworld, and start talking to people and visiting shops.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2318 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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