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What is the cheapest land one can rent?

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I have available skybox i want to rent out.

Sphere 100 x 100 it is a quarter sim.

The price is L$100 for the week and i give 100 prims with them.

If you want more prims ask.

Thank you.

here is the landmark

When you like to rent this skybox, click the sign to join the group and then go down to the beach to pay the tier box.

here you pay http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidesmore/137/64/23

here is skybox http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidesmore/137/64/3550

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they have rents starting as low as 25 linden here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/IQ/245/58/23

this place is 75 L to start but with a lot of options: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Family%20Bonded/203/166/23


This place says free for new players: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nefrax/23/80/23


40 L weekly: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phantasm/45/191/67



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We currently rent sky rentals (you can bring your own platform or choose the option of one of our simulated land platforms) and we rent by the PRIM @ 1.4L$ Per prim use.

For around 71 prims you would pay 100 L a week to have an area in our sky to set up your own private home .

::  Available in Limited Quantity :: 

SKY RENTALS @ 1.4L/Prim Useage. 
Skyrental's include all of the perks of our Native Land Tenants. Renters my choose to bring their own platform or enjoy the unique experience of one of our "land scape platforms" of simulated land , in the sky! Renters choice.

Remember, Your purchase also includes the use of :

Our Public Seasonally Landscaped Sim - Sublime, for Gatherings, Relaxation and Parties. (Over 23,000 Sqm)

An Ample Building Platform for your Creative Visions.

Dance Rezzer's (upon request) full of Male/Fem/and Couples Dances upon your parcel for personal private use.

Private Photo studio for all those epic selfies.

Meditation Areas, high upon mountain tops and overrun with Pandas...They are pretty mellow though.

Personal Landscaping and Custom Texturing/Creation Assistance

...the piece of mind knowing You are not just renting a slice of prims , but joining a stable, lasting community to call HOME.


If this sounds intriguing , we would love to have you tour our Public Area - Sublime- Anytime..

Sublime May be Visited @:


Any questions please contact via NC Lexy Montagne or Genesis Montagne


Feel free to check us out on Facebook of course


And please do not hesitate to message myself or Genesis Montagne with Any Questions ^_^v

Enjoy Your Secondlife, may it be Sublime!

Lexy (Darkstone) Montagne

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On 11/30/2014 at 7:01 PM, bebejee said:

I mean real cheap less 50 to100 L per week, is such a rental possible? what would be its prim limit?

I have rentals for $50 or $100 a week but generally it's a camp site, a B&B and skybox, an elven hut, that sort of thing. It's hard to justify taking, say, 512 m of land and renting it for only 50 Linden a week (which comes out to about $0.75 per month), when the tier you have to pay on it yourself to the Lindens is about US $1.37. You see how that works? People want these ridiculously cheap rentals, or they want you to give them some deep discount, but the cost of the rent we pay Linden Lab in turn is fixed -- they aren't handing out deep discounts, except for 10% bonus for grouped land and the slightly lower tier after one sim as compared to parcels' cost short of a sim. It's not really viable.

Of course, you will find people who have rentals for $50, of varying quality, as either a loss-leader (they hope people will come in at that level and then move up and pay more for larger lots), or out of generosity, or merely because they just want to cut costs on their sim so they can enjoy it, and not meet costs let alone make a profit.

The very cheapest land I have is $125/225 prims, and I even have some corners of it with paying .5/prim only for what you use in towers or mini-skyboxes. They actually go empty. Because in fact most people, if they are going to bother to rent, will pay somewhat more to get something nice and bigger, so they can furnish more extensively.

If you're interested, stop by the office to get the latest listings for all our rentals or go directly to the cheapest parcels.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 380 days.

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