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Script to add customized text to an object

Gabi Fanshaw
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I have searched and searched to no avail. I am looking for a script/HUD that will allow users to add their own custom text to an object (prim or mesh) - I guess with copy/trans so my customers could use it. Maybe I'm not putting in the correct search string in MP.

Does anyone here know where I might find this?



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I assume that you mean hover text, in which case you'll want to build your script around llSetText.  Probably the easiest way for the end user to handle would be to have them type the text into a text box

If that's not what you mean, but you're looking for a way to put text ON an object, that's significantly more difficult. You'll probably want to use XyzzyText or something like it, or consider using parcel prim Media options (useful only if you have control over the land's media settings.)

If you're not writing the script yourself but are looking for a pre-made script, you might find one by posting in the Wanted forum.  That's a long shot, but you might get lucky.  Otherwise, you're better off hiring a scripter to write something.  Post in InWorld Employment to get the attention of a hungry scripter.

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