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Why do some houses suffer from gigantism?

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Sorry for being late to the party.

I build 1920s Berlin to scale 1:1, sort of.

I had to make a few concessions here and there but generally it is a sim that suits prim scale avatars rather well.

My avatar is 6ft prim scale and so are many of the people who live here and well, it does work, rather well.

I wouldn't change it back and dislike visiting palces where everything is gigantic.

We have a busy community, all our (80+) houses and apartments have been pretty much fully rented for years and the sim has been doing well for over 5 years.

I actually just rebuild the bar, the most important place in the city to make it even smaller and lower the ceiling;


Yes, I do have the back of my head in the frame, not quite the way I would like it, but it works, better than flying fat behind and above me looking over my shoulder.

No matter what system you preer, yuou always have to get used to it and accept it, takes some time but I had that with the general giant settings and wouldnt go back.

I can see where I am going and don't bump into stuff, unless I'm drunk.

The ideal solution would be mouseview but for some reason SL removes many of the buttons and options we actually need all the time when you go into that view.

Anyway, if it didn't work, so many people wouldn't downsize their avatars, change their camera positions or spend time in 1920s Berlin, and quite a few do.

Either way, going for prim scale still has so many  bonusses that it is worth any inconvenience it may have.

I can fit a lot more into one region, I can build to scale (fun and easy), I feel more immersed, I can explore places and feel they are like the RL place, etc, etc.'

It may not work for you but that doesn't mean it doesn't work.

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