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Kristaki Hudson


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Coral Estates since 2007 Renting Lands in Secondilfe
Specialists in renting Full prims ( Full Regions - Private Islands ).
Renting in Coral Estates is a security for your prims and a good choice in the market.
This corner land ( 1/2 - 65536 ) is provided with the following:


- 65536sqm 15000Prims 19999L$/week
- No Lag Server
- Terraforming allowance
- Set your media video or audio
- Manage Ban lines
- Set the land to your own group
- Upload your own raw file
- Up to 8 estate managers
- Alt owner possible upon 3000L(one time fee) payement
- Comercial or residential
- PG/MATURE/ADULT (choose other land in our office if this one is not the ration u need several choices)
- Animal friendly
- Class 8 Server no lag ( High performance hardware)
- Payement in Linden$ at the atm in the office inworld
- Sunrise and Sunset on each side of the land West to East
- NO premium account required to rent this land
- Staff support 24/7 in several languages or translator
- Estate managers gaven upon request to reset the land

Daily Staff help in several languages
Pay in Linden$ In world at our ATM ( see LM office )
This region is on a fast server

For more information about this Private Island,
IM Inworld: Leah Chardin - Kristaki Hudson
Inworld Office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xanatos/126/115/22



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