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Looking for a Male friend/ Dancepartner, Maybe more.

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My name is Rosa (Fallen Rose).


Im looking for a male to start out as friends, someone I can go dancing with and gradually get to know better. I don't ask for much, but Id rather not have someone whom is less than 30 days old, (Alts count). Yes I know I've posted before but I believe I need to put more out there, personality and likes/dislikes wise.


Im more of a laidback, sweet and shy person, however I do come out of my shell fairly easy. I tend to be quiet, and don't really pay attention to local chats. I am a woman of many talents, photographer, former escort/ dancer, hostess, dj in training, security, designer, artist..... the list goes on and on. My friends tell me I can be melodramatic and a turd sometimes. But mostly they say im completely adorable and loveable. As my profile says, I am a sweet girl, I have my reserves. I am shy at first, but do come out of my shell. However, don't mistake this for weakness. I can be blunt and straight forward. If I have a point, I make it. 


I am a female, voice verified, 20, I do have an adopted son (he has health issues, so he can cause me to be AFK often), Single RL.


I don't plan on taking a relationship as far as a rl meet. (You could be an axe murderer for all i know :P) I have a son and very many RL ties. However you can have my number and skype. I must mention I don't voice less I know you well enough, some days I don't feel like voicing at all.

Currently I host at

•Club Surrenders•
Wednesday 6-8PM
Thursday 4-6PM

•Foxxxie's Den•
Mondays 6-8PM
Thursdays 6-8PM
Tuesdays 6-8PM

And anytime Im needed, but of course my sedule will change to fit around someone if i feel its needed, and if they say its needed.

Age doesnt bother me, however, I do not feel comfortable dating anyone over 50 (for the simple fact that You could be my dad) and anything over 40 is a stretch since im only 20 currently.


I am not looking for someone to have multiple one night stands with, and you have to be okay with at the moment i have a master (he isn't on much, maybe once or twice a week) And i am collared to him.

English is my primary language, and I am currently on everyday after 2PM slt, and am in the eastern time zone (SLT+3)


~WOW, sorry that was long~

Summary: 20, female, white, slt+3, nobody older than 50, many talents, currently hosting at 2 places.



What Im looking for

Someone who is generally kind, sweet, trustworthy, somewhat dominant, not overly sexual, no 'noobs', take pride in you ava, ect ect.


Not Looking for:

Trolls, one night stands, douchebags.


I am N1ch013 Avon on SL, feel free to send me an IM.


V picks of my avatar and others Ive photographed located here V



Updated dailyish


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2488 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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