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Carol Darkthief

Avatar texture problems from the UK

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I just found this thread in a desperate search for help.

I've hardly been in SL for about a month. Everything worked OK (ish, it is SL after all) last time I was here but for the last few days it's been dreadful.

80% of the time when I log on, half of me is grey. A different half each time. Sometimes I have a grey face, other times it's the hands, sometimes both. It seems system clothing layers are worst; my sculptie and mesh clothing usually loads OK but the underlying system layers don't, or take ages. Changing outfits and even the entire avatar to try and get something non-grey does not help much as the same happens again.

I've been through my own network and can't see anything amiss. I even went as far as to give my main PC a public IP address and route it straight to the internet (well, through a transparent bridging firewall set up in my 'real' Cisco router).

Clearing my texture cache seemed to work at first, until I logged off again and back on. Back to normal (current bad normal that is), just with more to load when I move around.

Packet loss is zero (it almost always is), Ping Sim is about 160ms (not great but shouldn;t be an issue), Time dialtion 0.998, etc. Everything looks OK in the stats.


It just doesn't work!

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