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If you are talking about the Great Second Life Railway with tracks on the mainland, that is owned by the "GSLR" group that maintains it.  There are trains that come by stations you can board and ride. 

I am not sure you are allowed to use your own train as some of the land the railway runs through is actually owned by other people that have given right of way to the group.  If they allowed trains to be rezzed it may interfer with the automatic trains the run on the rails.  You would probably need to contact that group to see if they would allow you to use your own train before you invest in one.

Perhaps someone else will know more.

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There is actually special code in the SL vehicle scripting for trains - and any vehicle with that code can use the SL railroads as far as I know.

I'd contact one of the railroad groups and see what they suggest. I know there used to be some of them in these forums, and they even had shops were you could get trains as well as some simple freebie trains.


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To run your own train, I agree it's simplest to stay away from the GSLR, but it's just a small standalone subset of Mainland rail. The part that everybody uses is the SLRR on the Heterocera Atoll continent. I'd suggest starting out at the Virtual Railway Consortium headquarters in Tuliptree, and maybe grabbing one of the freebie trains there to get started.

A surprising number of commercial trains still use scripts closely resembling those old open-source scripts last updated in 2010, but there are a whole variety of ways to get around the rails, including physical vehicle scripts, key-framed motion, etc.

You'll find rez areas at most (all?) of the Linden-built train stations scattered around the Atoll and identified on lots of maps you'll encounter along the route.

The entire SLRR route has object-entry and scripts enabled, so both driver-operated and autonomous vehicles use the SLRR (so don't be distressed if a driverless train passes phantomly through yours).

You're likely to encounter some switches and signals, so reading a bit about them first may make them less bewildering to operate.


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Hello Benson,

Did you know you can get a few Free trains to test out the SLRR? On the mainland Hetrocra Atoll there is a huge Railway setup for you by Linden Lab. Along there you find stations and all of the once on Llinden Lab land have rezz zones right next to the station platforms. So just drag your train from you inventory to the center of the railway tracks and it sould automaticly align itself to the tracks and be ready for you to board it and go exploring.

The Free test trains can be found in e.g. Tuliptree VRC station. (next to the Linden Lab tuliptree station). Just pick one up from the freebee wall and rezz it.

The best trains to buy are, in my personal opinion, the once with VRC scripts inside them. That is to say Sensor driven trains, the older Physical type trains still work but are prone to derail more offten.

As with all scripted vehicals there are some issues with border crossings. So as long as you do not drive to fast or slow down near border crossings you should be ok with Sensor driven trains.

There are over 90 sims of railroad you can explore. But be aware that on most stretches of land the auto return feature is turned on so please do not leave you train unattended for to long.

If you want to buy a train you can best check out the SL Marketplace.


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