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Furnish Adult Living @ its Best Starting @L$195/week Mesh Skyhomes >EXCLUSIVE> The Wonder Wall

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A Totally New Holo Living Experience! The Wonder Wall!
This Walled area within your new home is a Complete Holo Deck.
**You do NOT need a Premium account to LIVE HERE **

The Exclusive Wonder Wall consists of 6 parts, The Frame on the wall, and the Mats on the Floor in front of this wall. Click them and they are special rezzers, with the ability to rez some of the neatest additions to your new home. The Wall alone has over 105 Objects. Items Rezzed have their own animations. The Mats can rez an addition 730+ Items  We are adding items as we think they can work in this system. Over 335,000 Animations and Over L$950,000 worth of items can be rezzed. We are adding things to these rezzers as we find decent ones so it is always changing!  We know your experience will be a Great one while staying with us here in our sim. Entertainment, Vampire, Workout (treadmills and other gym equip), Dance Poles, Dance Bags, Dance Balls, Plants, 25+ Beds, Baths, Showers, Couches, Rugs, Zen, Tai Chi, Gardens, Photo Studios, 15 Blueballs Mats w/props, 6 Pretty Cool Huds with more rezzed items, Cuddle, Sex, Hardcore Sex, BDSM (30+ BDSM Toys) Dinners Events (9 Complete Dinner tables with full settings/meals), Some Parcels Also Get a Fully Loaded Paradise Blanket - Free to Use w/40 Places to rez and explore! We’re adding more to these rezzers all the time as we feel they will work!

> New Mesh Homes
> New Mesh SkyHomes
> New Complete Working kitchens
> New Food Rezzers
> New Mesh Plants
> New mufti-scene PREMIUM Holo System 121 scenes for sky homes
> New Bed Engines +15 more beds available in the Holo Rezzer!
> Full Security using hippo security system
> Mesh Skyhomes Starting @L$205/week
> and much much more.....

** All Adults are welcome @ Forest Key, Gay Straight, Bi, Curious, Furies ...etc.

**You do NOT need a Premium account to LIVE HERE **

* Homes have Full hippo Security *  Get a 10% Instant discount when renting for 4 or more weeks!

Visit & see whats available TODAY!


To Visit any Available Rental Click 'SHOW ON MAP' on the Rental Boards when the Property you wish to see is in the center!  Skyhomes just click the Photo to get the LM - Only Available homes are show.  To See our listings LIVE on the Hippo Website Visit this Link (to TP Click the Link under the price..


Not every Home is always available but if you see one you really want we might be able to arange for another one it to be placed. Just IM Ra Elman in world. Here are some of our current homes.....

super bdsm skybox changeable wfurniture & Wonder Wall Included.jpg

100s of Texture Options 1.jpg

100s of Texture Options 2.jpg

Wonder Wall Included SkyDungeons.jpg

bdsm skybox red latex with furniture & Wonder Wall Included.jpg

Forest Key Beach Mesh House Awesome Views2-1024.jpg

Forest Key Beach Mesh House.jpg

Forest Key Palo Alto Wonder Wall in Basement & Paradise Blanket.jpg

The Apartment Poster a Must See mesh Living Room Option HOT.jpg

Forest key



4Our homes now feature The Wonder Wall an Exclusive.jpg

Forest Key Aspen FK16.jpg

Forest Key Aspen fk16 quad.jpg

Studio Apt. by Abiss 2.jpg

Studio Apt. by Abiss 1.jpg

Forest Key Tampa FK2.jpg

Forest Key Zen.jpg

Forest Key - Oslo.jpg

The Jewel.jpg

ClockTower Zen Furnished.jpg

Your Attic in Space.jpg


Forest Key MEMORIAE 5500b.jpg

Forest Key The Pioneer 05-2012.jpg

Mesh Loft1Adult.jpg

Mesh Modern SkyHome06.jpg


The Wonder Wall Exclusive 2.jpg

The Wonder Wall Exclusive.jpg

The Wonder Wall.jpg


5 New SkyHomes 012014.jpg

Custom Mesh SkyLoft 8 Rage BlueBall WonderWall.jpg



View Live online @ http://www.hippo-tech-sl.com/rentalsfinder/index.php?C=LakeForest

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2372 days.

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