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Medhue Simoni

Commerce Team - About Viewer Managed Marketplace

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Since I can't respond to the actual thread created by LL, I guess I must make my own. Seriously Brook, you don't have to fear our words, only our actions.


One thing that struck me, about the Viewer part, is how could transactions on the marketplace affect my experience in SL? This might seem like it's a dumb question, as I'm sure it is not my viewer that is sending the items, BUT......... if I'm selling items that have limited quantity, my viewer does need to update to reflect what quantity I do actually have. Of cource, I'm not a coder, and I know nothing about how this viewer managed marketplace actually works, nor have I tried it. This issue I'm talking about would probably also be a very rare thing. That said, I can imagine a creator that ONLY sells things with limited quantity. If they are getting sales every couple of minutes, this means their viewer's inventory needs to update every few minutes with that change. This could create noticable lag, or something, for that user. A fix might be to have those special use people, use a different avatar for posting their marketplace items, than they do for actually playing or working in SL.


Of course, I could just be an ignorant merchant that thinks they know more than they do. Totally possible. lol

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Medhue, there are lots of questions to ask but since our questions clearly aren't being solicited, lets just hope that the people that were chosen had a clue about what the merchant community actually need instead of being told just to "try this" and take what they're given, as seemed to be the case with the last "update" of avatar mesh/classic mesh stuff.

Here's my question for starters, if someone wants to sell 100 of the same thing and then no more, do they have to list it 100 times or will this method allow a counter that is decremented against just one listing, which is how it *should* work?

No point starting to even ask about the same as far as multiple colours and so on, lets just keep to the simple case above.

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A notification that a particular uuid is no longer in your inventory is not a big deal.

At the rate suggested of a sale every few minutes it would be less traffic than keep alive pings. 

On the same order of magnitude as existing notification to the viewer of lindens being added to the account every time a sale is made.

Of course it's possible to impliment poorly.. like redownload your entire inventory sans this one item!

But no reason to expect that will be the case.

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I was under the impression that the way things are currently setup is like this


Create object in SL -> send to merchant outbox -> assets get hosted on SLMP inventory server

So you have two copies of what you have listed, one in SL and another in the SLMP server

So when you buy something off SLMP, it has to go

SLMP website -> SLMP inventory server -> SL inventory server


I thought the point of this was to remove the SLMP inventory server completely to remove a step in transfering items to customers. So it would look like


Create object in SL -> store in SL Inventory

And ordering would be


SLMP website -> SL inventory server


From a technology standpoint, I would assume the website would track how many items are left and it wouldn't push the transaction from you to the customer if the quantity available is not enough to complete the transaction.

Shifting from SLMP inventory server to SL inventory server is going to really help speed up deliveries and make them a lot more reliable. SLMP has basically gone from:

Unstable LSL scripts that depend on simulator and LSL scripts to distribute inventory

SLMP inventory server that distributes inventory

And latest version will skip SLMP inventory server completely and just let SLMP inventory transactions skip directly from user to user without jumping through different servers.

LL has not made a big deal about this, but I think it is the largest reason for them to abandon the current system. It's going to remove a significant point of failure between sending things from SLMP and getting them from SLMP to customers.

The current system is very convoluted. Why do you need another server to handle transfering something that will stay on the same server anyways?

This has potential to fix a lot of things merchants complain about but LL is too nervous to even address.

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