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Maestro Linden

Deploys for the week of 2014-10-20

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Second Life Server (main channel)

The main channel is getting the maintenance project which was introduced to LeTigre and Magnum last week. This project includes a crash fix, and improves the delivery pipeline for abuse reports.


Scheduled Tuesday 2014-10-21 03:00-09:00 PDT


Second Life RC BlueSteel:

BlueSteel remains on the CDN texture and mesh fetch project.  This week's update includes the changes from the maintenance project which are going to the main channel.


Scheduled Wednesday 2014-10-22 07:00-10:30 PDT


Second Life RC LeTigre:

LeTigre is moving onto the same project as BlueSteel.


Scheduled Wednesday 2014-10-22 07:00-10:30 PDT


Second Life RC Magnum:

Magnum is moving onto the same project as BlueSteel and LeTigre.


Scheduled Wednesday 2014-10-22 07:00-10:30 PDT


Second Life RC Snack:

RC Snack is remaining on the CDN texture and mesh fetch project.  It is getting the same update as the other RC channels.


Scheduled Wednesday 2014-10-22 07:00-10:30 PDT


We will be monitoring this thread as the code gets released, so feel free to note any observations you have about the server updates.  If you have a specific bug you'd like to report, please file a Jira.

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Whats the best way of having my Snack regions moved back to their original RC channels? I'm tired of having the capacities issues related to the few hosts available on the Snack channel which cause many of my regions to suffer problems together at once, not to mention a better chance of the regions coming back up on the same host after a restart.

I ask because I don't think support is capable of discerning if the regions are even allowed to be moved off of Snack in the first place.


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