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Take pride in your avatar

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janienz wrote:

To those who don't really consider it

That's me!


janienz wrote:

Get a shape and skin to enhance your look

Wear quality clothing and shoes

So when I'm satisfied with how I look and it is not to your standards it means I don't care about myself?


janienz wrote:

Laugh to help keep you young



janienz wrote:

Just some tips for those who care about themselves

I don't doubt your intentions, although I think people who care about themselves (what ever it means) act like that anyway.


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Orca Flotta wrote:

Ugh.:smileysurprised: And here is me always thinking I look wonderfully charming in my 07 starter avatar. Ain't it true? :smileysad:

I still have this cute one in my inventory. One of the starter avatars in 2007 straight from the Library.

Her hotness.

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."  :smileyhappy: :smileywink:




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