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SabrinaGrace Afterthought

Little Princess Academy - Grand Re-Opening!

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Our Academy is dedicated to bringing little Princesses across the Second Life Grid a fun, nurturing environment, with elevated moral lessons. We assist each princess with discovering her inner beauty and learning the true meaning of being a Princess!
Little Princess Academy offers a school like atmosphere for little girls ages 3 years and up.

LPA runs with a Hierarchy system: (Order from Lowest to Highest)
*Please Note: LPA follows a Hierarchy non relating to traditional RL Titles*
(✴ notes credits needed to be earned to advance to the next level)

Countess (Child will earn this title upon Enrollment - Level I Training) ✴5✴
Marquise (Marchioness) - (Level II Training) ✴10✴
Duchess (Level III Training) ✴15✴
Princess (Completion of all Level Trainings & Coronation Ceremony Project)

Each princess will "earn her Tiara" by participating in many activities and courses including but not limited to:
Dancing (Ballet, Modern, Theory)
Crafts (Sewing, Building)
Storytelling and of course, Princess Etiquette!

Each course completion is equivalent to a credit. Credits earned will help each child advance to the next title in the Hierarchy. Each course will be held at different times during the week.
We encourage all our student to join our group to get updates on classes being held that day.
Parents will enjoy watching their daughter's final Performance, where they will answer their "Call to Royalty" by taking the Princess Pledge and by being Crowned by an adult Princess!

Little Princess Academy is dedicated to providing little girls in Second Life a fun, safe environment where they can feel at home. Each enrolled student is more then welcome to stay in our facility and even enjoy upcoming events. If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask!

SabrinaGrace Afterthought
LPA Royal Crown Princess

**Tuition Fees**

Classes at Little Princess Academy are on a month to month basis, therefore tuition is due monthly!

L$300/month will cover all classes, uniforms, materials, and events.




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2099 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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