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Inanna Andel

Game of Thrones HIGHGARDEN is looking for members to join this one of a kind Roleplay Sim.

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Have you watched the Game of Thrones?  If you have, you know how great the series is.  We are an interactive roleplay environment.  There are five sims that are situated 200 to 300 years before the books or series.  Game of Thrones RP Sims are a unique blend of RP and Combat with constant Spellfire combat in designated areas, battles, raids, even areas for capture. Join the war between House Tyrell and Targaryen, or skirmishes between Highgarden and Sunspear, or fight outlaws in the Dornish Marches. Our battle wildlings as the Night's Watch. If you want Thrones, but don't just want RP combat and para RP, then join us and become a Legend.

Tyrell, Lannister, Baratheon, Martel, Targaryen. Names that are legend in the Seven Kingdoms. Who will you be and what will be your legacy? Are you a noble lady, who plots in secret, manipulating Kings and Knights to do your bidding? Are you a wealthy merchant, casting nets of intrigue though out the lands? Are you a lowly Hedge Knight, traveling from city to city serving any lord willing to pay you? Are you a whore, working in a brothel or a street rat in the bowels of some city? With Game of Thrones Roleplay you decide your career path, from 70 custom classes. Join us today! Pick your path and become a legend.

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