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Jane Primrose

Seeking Showa-style Japanese sims and shops

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Hello! I love exploring Second Life, and I especially enjoy the Japanese side of it. I'm hampered, though, by not being able to speak or read Japanese. What I'd really like to find more of is sims and shops that showcase Japanese Showa-period style. This aesthetic is kind of retro, kind of kitschy, kind of cosy, and very colourful. The best examples I've found lately are Pomponne on Akina, or this place on Michelangelo. Unfortunately, good places seem to disappear pretty quickly. Apparently there was a great sim called Inaka that vanished just before I started searching for this kind of thing. (It's very easy to find places with a historical Japanese theme; recent/modern Japan, not so much.) Can anyone point me to good examples, either sims decorated in this style or shops selling related goods? Thank you very much.

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