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What happened to the Estate forums?

Sandi Glas
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Hmm, this is strange. In the "Land Forum" listing, the description for Region for Rent: Full Private Island is "For promoting your rentals within a full region or full regions rentals. Formerly Parcels for Rent: Estate" but I don't know when that change was made nor why.The new name seems odd, apparently trying to focus on the difference between Homesteads and "Full" sims, but ending up identifying whole entire 512x512m regions while meaning something else altogether.

(I don't remember: Before, were there really distinct forums for Estate parcel sales and Estate parcel rentals? That seems a distinction without much difference.)

There doesn't really seem to be anybody left in charge around here, so I suppose a support ticket is about the only thing you can do to get somebody to notice the problem -- assuming nobody posts here with some rational explanation for this change.

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