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Where did my inventory go? It's gone! All gone....sobbing

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This is the 1st time this has ever happened to me. And the info I'm reading to help resolve/recover is confusing.

Some say to clear Cache and some say don't clear Cache. OK~so I'm using Firestorm 4.6.7 and everthing was fine until I experienced lag and had to log out due to viewer not responding.

So when I log back in everthing but my folders is gone missing!? Oh and of course my current outfit and what few pieces of furniture I am currently using. My folders are there of course but they remain empty!??

My Skins and Shapes are gone

My shoes, clothing, hair., furniture~well you get the picture. EVERYTHING In the 1 1/2 yr. I've been on SL this has never happened to me.

So far I did a clean uninstal and reinstall of my viewer. Did not work. I also cleared the Cache tho not the Inventory cache

HELP! What do I do? Just to let anyone helping me out know~~I still consider myself a Noob and I'm not very Tech savy when it comes to SL.

Do I clear the Inventory Cache?  Should I have done this before now?

Help me if you can

I'm feeling Down~~~


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Are you serious??

Should I clear my inventory cache then see if this works? In prefences under Network and Cache there are 3 "Cache" buttons.

1. Clear Inventory Cache button ~~~and under this

2. Clear cache button~~~ then under this

3.Clear Browser cache


So far I only clicked #2 & #3

So should I try #1~~clear inventory cache??

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One of the things the viewer does when (properly) closing is to save its cache to disk; a forced closing may therefore corrupt it. So yes, you should reload your inventory cache; I’m aware that there are recommendations against it, but the proper ones take into account when it is needed and when it isn’t, and this seems one of the times that it is.

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3 years ago I lost around  30K of inventory, I can't recall the exact amount now, but it just so happened it was a critical folders, all my building, full perms, etc. I was running a good size store. I want to explain what happened to me.

I used Phoenix viewer primarily. Another component to this is that day I'd decided to get organized and spend hours and hours moving folders around and deleting things I didn't need. I'd not logged off in hours, maybe 5 or more hours. So, when a friend contacted me to talk, for some reason the voice wasn't working, so I logged out and relogged with SL viewer. Meantime, I got into the habit of not emptying my trash. So I had a huge trash I'd not emptied for months, and being a builder, you can imagine how huge the trash had become, plus I'd spent all day adding to it. So now, logged into the SL viewer, and while talking to someone, thought, "I'll just delete the trash while I'm not doing anything." So, I start deleting and the viewer hung up. After 1/2 hour I had to do a hard boot. I didn't think anything about it, until the next day and started seeing I'm missing half my inventory.

The Lab spent a day actually logged into my avatar trying to help me resolve this. They were unable to help me even though they spent a long time trying. On a good note, back then you could go back to the beginning of your spending history on Market Place. I notified the designers I'd bought full perms from, explained the situation, and 99% replaced them, no questions asked, which begs the comment that SL has an amazing design community. I also stopped using multiple viewers and letting my trash go unintended. 

I'm sure there are many schools of thought, and many say you can't lose inventory. All I know is this happened to me. I actually closed my inworld store because I was just devastated at the time and wasn't able to mentally put my head around all the problems I'd encounter everyday. Things I used regularly were just gone. Yes many things were replaced, but anyone who builds knows you go to find something and "it's not there" it's maddening. I couldn't feasibly ask everyone for replacements. I focused on the full perm mesh and sculpts. The rest was just a wash. I had so  many flex skirts I'd made and poof, gone...hours and hours of work. These were not uploaded to MP. Also, they weren't made with a loop rezzer. Well, regardless, plus all the TEXTURES. I was looking at having to spend a FORTUNE on reuploading all those years of textures I'd made.

Nothing was the same in SL for me after that. I re-evaluated everything, how I'd spent hours and hours, several years of my life building here on the back of a company that couldn't guarantee the safety of my items. You can spend a fortune on virtual items and lose them, and it's just your dum luck. Of course there are many ways to protect your own designs, such as backing them up, which I do now (wasn't aware then how to do this) to my computer, but other items, things we use for pleasure, we can't back up by sharing to an alt or saving on our systems.

I really don't know what steps have been made to fix the old cache system, but inventory needs to be addressed, especially the inability to view items without taking them out of inventory. I know that's a dreamers dream.

Moral of this story. It happens.

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