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Eye movement

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I am writing a script to make my mouth move so it looks like I am talking. That part of it is working ok but I would like to include some eye movement as well to make it look more realistic. I can't work out how to move my eyes around, look up, look to the left, right etc.

I know it is possible to do in a script because I have a HUD that does it but I can't find either an internal animation, like there are for hand movements or some kind of parameter that can be set.

So my question in a nutshell is how do you move your eyes from a script?

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this requires animations made directly in the llkeyframemotion (.anim) format. the BVH conversion built into viewers does not support the eye bones. Avastar and Zwagoth's AnimMaker can create these files.

animation on these bones is not supported because the viewer side eye motions can collide with them. animations at the wrong time can freeze eye blinks in place, they will be released when the custom eye animation stops.

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