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Hi Jake, welcome to SL!

Sanctuary of Ƥŏţħŏs™ Club is open and growing fast!

This mixed genre music club is located in the center of a growing shopping mall. Surrounded by a gorgeous enchanted cuddle spot and childrens playland, it caters to adults and families alike.

We are willing to train you if you have never worked in a club before.  We will give you the tools you need, and get you in position to start earning tips as soon as you are ready.

Ƥŏţħŏs™ is currently hiring DJs and Hosts, please contact Jon Ƥȼαŗℓ (Kayanous Resident), or ASHES2ASHESDUST2DUST PEARL (ashes2ashesdust2dustResident) about applying to join the team!

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I'm looking for hosts to host a game in SL called Greed.  You must have voice and be reliable.  My sim is located in a Skilled Gaming Region so you would need to have payment information on file and you can't reside in AZ, AR, DE, FL, KY, LA, MD, SC, SC, TN.

Pay is per board plus 100% tips and bonus.  Tips are paid daily at time of service.  Board & Bonus is paid every Sunday.

If interested send me a notecard or an email.


Faith Fromund


Coastal Castways


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