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Inanna Andel

HIGHGARDEN GAME OF THRONES Come Join Us for some Great Roleplay

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The Clash of Valyrian Steel!  The pounding of horse hooves as they race down the jousting tilts!  Heads roll for crimes against the Realm!!  EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS IN HIGHGARDEN!!  Join this epic Game of Thrones roleplay sim as we interact with 3 adjoining sims, Kings Landing, the Vale and Dorne!  Be a Legend as you spar with the best swordsmen, earn your place among the best of the best! We are seeking and want YOU to come roleplay with the royalty, nobles, knights and small folk of Highgarden!

HIGHGARDEN!  The mightest Kingdom of Westeros!  Be a part of this epic Game of Thrones...applications and Observer Tags are available at the Landing Point!  Don't miss out on the most exciting sim around with traffic over 10,000! Join us NOW!

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