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New Medieval Fantasy Role-play-Heart's Palace Looking for Role-players

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Heart's Palace is a new adult medieal fantasy role-playing region now open for role-players.

Our main objective is to create a less restrictive role-playing environment so that imagination about medieval fantasy can be stretched, combine and integrated allowing more people who are interested in medieval fantasy to interact and role-play together.

We have over 69 races across 10 social classes open to all second life role-players plus a few prestige social roles for those who can show commitment and support to our sim.

Background Story
The oversall background story centers around an earth like continent Kron once dominated by vampires.

To fight against the vampires, a small group of human vampire hunters sorted help from other races and in desperation they opened the Great Gate of Casta and unknowningly release the long trapped mystic creatures and resulted in massive destruction and plunged the land into total chaos. 

The war ended with massive destruction to both side and wiped out most of Kron populations. The remaining vampiores retreated to the northern mountains where they first came. And the Queen of the vampires went into hiding.

Thus a new chapter of the continent of Kron has began...........one that good and evil no longer has clear cut boundary.

Read here for more


1. Adult medieval fantasy combat and free form role-play with the Continent of Kron as the general background story.
2. 69 races across more than 10 social classes.
3. Immersive role-playing with effect of climate; and the need to eat, drink, rest, sleep, keep clean and relief yourself.
4. Free items such as weapns, food, drinks and clothings to work with our role-play and combat meters as well as affordable and reuseable role-playing assesories. 
5. Submit & showcase your own role-play stories for others to join you.
6. Adult medieval fantasy, combat, magic, BDSM, Master-Slave, bloodlnes friendly and RLV role-play

Read here for more

The World of Kron

Map of Kron 1024-140825.jpg

Come check us out




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another Medieval RP this is even worse than the other ones i've come across no thank you as i'll decline on going to this one as i'm pretty sure it's a knock off RP and a very bad one too because frankly i think too many people are creating Medieval RPs time to think of something new for gods sake

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Thanks for the the negative comments DragonFan . A quick check and I notice so far all your posts in the forum is lop sides ones....taking others out instead of trying to give contructive suggestions.

That makes me wonder:)

But thanks for v isiting anyway.


PS: for those reading this post thread check this link out to see what I mean:




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2450 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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