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Alice Mavinelli

Prim River National Forest - Hiring Rangers

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Prim River National Forest is a beautifully landscaped park set up as a camping destination (short or extended stay). In order to make the experience more fulfilling and enjoyable, we have recently added in a forest ranger service for our roleplayers. In addition to campers, we have many visitors who come to explore and enjoy the nature setting.

We are seeking individuals who are willing to work as forest rangers. Essentially as "rangers" you would fulfill duties like patrolling the paths or assisting campers and visitors as needed with any security issues they might have.

Rangers will be paid for their service. Pay will be $100 per hour. You must work a minimum of 5 hours per week. (Max $1500L/week)

*Roleplay experience is not required. We have visitors on all different levels of RP.
*Uniform & vehicles will be provided.
*An interview will be scheduled.
*Hirees will be put on a one week probationary/learning period.

If interested please apply at the Ranger Station (SLURL). Any ranger questions contact Pablo Starsmith in world.

Contact Alice Mavinelli or DanielleJayne Resident with Prim River specific questions.


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Went there last night it was empty, contacted an online ranger for info, he didnt bother replying,rezzed there again today just a few minutes back there were four people in there including you and the guy who didnt respond earlier, all just standing around like bots.

You then TP'd out, I messaged the guy and few seconds later he TP'd out to without replying, my guess is either my profile pic or my foreign name or both were an issue, I could change those if you had talked and suggested it.

Also found the "What are your goals for working as ranger" question in application odd.

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