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Looking for a specific script and/or scripter

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Hi there,

i'm looking for a specific script. I want an attached object's faces to cycle through transparency for a faux animation effect. Face 0 is 0% transparent while the others are 100% transparent, then Face 1 is visible while the others are not, etc.

I haven't been able to find this script to buy anywhere, but if you know where I can find it somewhere online/on the MP, I would really appreciate a link!! (I've had a hard time figuring out what to search for--blah.) ♥ Otherwise I'll be looking to hire someone to do this. If I do hire someone, I need it to be someone who is confident in their ability to make this script in the least laggy way possible. I'll also have other projects in the future. ^-^



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Here's the very basic example. Upon start, it renders the prim invisible, then cycles through every face and switches its visibility.


integer last = 0;integer total = 0;float delay = 1.0; // The delay between cycle steps, in secondsdefault {    on_rez( integer param ) {        llResetScript();    }    state_entry() {        total = llGetNumberOfSides();        integer i;        for ( i = 0 ; i < total ; i ++ ) {            llSetAlpha( 0.0, i );        }        llSetTimerEvent( delay );    }    timer() {        llSetAlpha( 0.0, last );        last ++;        if ( last > total - 1 ) {            last = 0;        }        llSetAlpha( 1.0, last );    }}


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