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Steampunk Victoria clothing?

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Hello there,

I've been hanging around a lot in Caledon lately and I am really admiring the whole steampunk/victorian look. And I have also found other worlds that has somewhat of similar themes. But, I feel like I am utterly out of place with the choice of fashion I have. I know at Caldeon they provide free sets of clothing for males and females after the end of the tutorial at the University, but I was wondering if there's anymore?

I tried looking in the marketplace -- but, it seems whatever I am finding that is FREE or less than 5 L$ are all demos. Since I am under a week old, my goal is to not use any of my real money for really anything just yet. Does anyone know where I can get more steampunk victoria fashions? 

Thank you. 

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While I will applaud BlackOpal, they are truly quality, fine quality... They are a bit on the spendy side.


My absolute favorite for Value, options, AND a ton of MM/freebies/gifts will always be 

Rag Dollz.

Just look for them in world, they have 2 locations last I checked.

And the creator is a true DOLL. 

:) Happy hunting!

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