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Alexie Vlodovic

Smuggler seeking Crew (Sci FI Para Rpers)

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G'day every one!

I love to RP all things Sci Fi across multiple sims. I'm seeking a crew of misfits that wish to join me on my adventures across the galaxy.

What am I offering by joining the crew?

- A ship (some what space worthy) to call home.
- Some great and fun role playing adventures across multiple sim and environments
- Other friends to enjoy Sci Fi rping with.

If you are interested please PM Alexie Vlodovic in world!

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Just a quick update.


So a bit about myself. I've been role playing in SL since 2008. I've role played in all types of Sims and role plays from sci fi, fantasy, historical to modern day. I'm currently role playing in Remnants of Earth a fantastic cyber punk themed Sim.


Since this post yesterday our crew has now grown to a size of 3! Yay!


We've also begun construction on our yet to be named smuggler's ship which will be what we use for role play during 'transit' between systems and planets.


At the moment we're looking at capping the crew at 5 so hope to here from more of you soon!

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Just an update on the RP which is now getting into full swing! We have a great crew and a dedicated sim to the RP!

The story so far is that a group of scoundrels and misfits have come together in order to pursue a better life as smugglers. However they are trapped on a mining colony which they have since escaped via a stolen shuttle. Now our unlikely adventurers are on their way to aquire a ship of their own to call home. WIll they be succesful? Stay tuned!

The upcoming Role Play as the story progresses will involve aquiring stripped ship (bar its engines and life support) which the crew will then have fit out by 'aquiring' (stealing, purchasing, etc) the parts they need to make the ship perform the tasks and duties that they require of them.

While our crew is now full we're trying to accomodate any one that wishes to join! So if you're interested give myself a yell and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Here are some photos for every one in the meantime.






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