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Do you want to work in a wicked atmosphere with amazing music ? Are you seeking to be part of a crew that knows how to have fun and makes that the top priority?? 

We are currently looking for new dancers, hosts and Dj’s!!!

What we require from you here at Ari's Den:

- Must be over the age of 18 years old

-Must be 30 days old depends on how well you have adjusted to Secondlife

-Must be able to come in for an interview.

-Can be male or female and any sexual orientation

We don't ask for much! 

We do not expect our girls/gents to dress a certain way, we believe in expressing yourself creatively, although we disallow child avi's and furries. We also do not have shifts – you just come at what time suits you best, though you have to be regular.

We are planning to build a mansion for our girls/gents to live in so you have a place to stay!

We are in the middle of opening up a VIP area so we will be hiring Text and Voice Escorts. We are also opening a bdsm section so we will be looking for Subs/Toys and Dom/mes

We are a tight knit family, we do not believe in drama here!

If you are interested grab an application at the club entrance or IM either me (Zaylene) or Akoshi.


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