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Non-stop griefing, crashing and abuse reports and nothing being done about it. So much for TOS

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im sorry to hear about the attacks.

this is normal for SL

I had this for over two years

so it will not end, my computors were lag up so badly, the hardware was damage.

now I use the library computers, to help people.

you see linden will not do a thing to help you.

you are on your own, so restart your group at a new sim

or try inworlds, its just like SL

but your meeting would not get crash, and you can stay on at SL, that way the grife wil not know you having meeting at inworld.

that is the best I can offer you

do not end up having your computer burn out by the grifers.

the lag will over heat your hardware

good luck




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I'm sorry for your trouble, but this sort of interpersonal dispute can take a long time to resolve.

You must keep right on doing what you are doing...AR each offense (and reference previous ARs too, when possible).  Mute and ban offenders, contact Live Chat if the sim crashes (they will not handle a call to deal with griefers, but they WILL do sim restarts.)

Above all, don't respond in any way.  Don't IM them, don't reply to IMs, don't counterattack.  Ignore them.  Just Mute, ban, AR, and keep right on doing it until they either get suspended or get tired of harassing someone who doesn't respond.

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