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Wanted: Friends, besties, family.

Autumn Palfrey
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I enjoy second life for all that it has to offer; a variety of people, virtual places and a wonderful assortment of flavorful kinks and individuality.  I am seeking friends, besties, family - to enjoy second life with.  People who have an interesting sense of humor, non-aggressive.  I am not a newbie - I have been here forever - am a designer, dj, photographer - whatever I want to be.  I don't care what you are - but I am not looking for a 'hook up.'  I find people who ask distasteful - so let's avoid that.  Instead of posting here about who or what I am - and how you should be, why don't you just IM me - Autumn Palfrey - and we can go from there.  The worst thing to happen is we stop talking, the best?  Well, besties. <3

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Awwww, what a really nice message, well, hello, my name as you've probably guessed it Steve, I'm from England, and I quite agree with all the comments you have made on SL Forums, there are too many people who want to either make the experience a bad one for you (as coming back to SL only a few days ago and going through a similar thing only a few moments ago just proves).

However on a more positive note, I would love to hook up and make friends with you, I will look for you online, and I will see you in world.

All my very best




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