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One of the Firestorm dev's is playing with the code to create mirrors. Whirly made the 15 mirror experiment.

All is looking good for this to be a third party addon feature. The next huddle is to get the feature working with the Advanced Lighting Model (ALM), which has shadows, ambient occlusion,  and depth of field.

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The SL engine can not display a mirror reflection. What you can do is: run additional render engines with the viewport of the mirror. This ones can have lower resolution and can be more simple than the main renderer.

Fast computers will surely be able to run a few mirrors like that.

This tests are without advanced lighting and shadows - so it looks to me - but I think that project isnt finished.

Putting that into a TPV would violate the Linden directive for shared experience so if that ever is going to happen it will be in the LL viewer as well.

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