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Zoom/Touch script?

CarneyInc Mint
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hmm, is there an other problem too?

You have this

touch_start(integer a)

which will be triggered if someone clicks the object and as resulting action the objects sets its click-behavior. Seems so as the first click get the old click-behavior. Had You that in mind?



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Dil, the (integer a) has (or should have) no bearing on the problem. As for the click action zoom, I am using viewer 2.


The problem is not with the coding itself (which compiles and works), but the concept of what I am trying to do is what I need help with.

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CarneyInc Mint wrote:

The problem I have been running into is the fact that if I wanted to use llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_ZOOM), I would have to insert that within the touch_start portion of the program, rendering it ineffective. Is there a function or anything that would allow the avatar who touched the prim to zoom in on it, without setting the click action to zoom?

(you will generally get better responses to scripting questions in the forums, where us geeks hang out: http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/forums/scripting)

You can ask permission to take control of and reposition the avatar's camera but that's going to be a lot of work, and very awkward for a audience of several people.  llSetClickAction() should go in the state_entry() event handler, by the way, so it is in effect as early as possible.  As you have noted though, there can only be one click-action, so if it's zoom that applies to everyone.

That leaves the simpler problem of how your presenters can control the board if they can't click it to change the slide (texture).  Unlike zoom, however, there are lots of other control options.  Most obviously there is chat - have them type 'next', 'back', etc.  If that seems too awkward you could create a set of gestures triggered by, for example, F2, F3, etc. that would then command the board.  For a more immersive in-world experience you could create a control-object that the presenters could touch, rather than the board itself.

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You should probably set llSetClickAction  in state_entry and put the llSetTimerEvents and Next() where return is currently, the user would then be able to right click->touch to advance the slides. at the The return is preventing the user from doing anything but set the click action. (although anyone but the defined  user could)


edit: it would probably work if you changed (user=="XXX") to (user!="XXX")

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Thanks for the help Peter and JAB! I figured that there wasn't a true way to do it the way I wanted to, but thanks for helping!!


Peter, I had definitely considered the idea of using another object in order to advance the slides, and will also look into using key commands. I'll make sure to bring any other questions I have to the scripting forums!

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