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Raven's Nest Pub

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Raven's Nest Pub is a traditional English pub, come and have a pint, play a game of pool, or darts, play the fruit machine, or just relax and have a chat with your mates

We're a bloodlines friendly establishment that sells bottles of blood lumens or cider, but we do not tolerate spam biting on the premises so none bloodlines players can feel safe (we have garlic necklaces if you want or need one)

We will be adding other destination features such as Spellfire food, fortune hunt and 7seas fishing so stop on by!

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Raven's Nest is back up and better than ever, if you play bloodlines get your blood, lumens or cider here (we also have an apple tree out back) if you're not a bloodlines player then grab a pint of beer or a cup of coffee, and hang out and play some pool or darts or other games (even though we're a Bloodlines location biting is NOT tolerated here)



Also check out Raven's Treasures, an art gallery located next door



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