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New RP game, free HUD to the first 100 players!

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I just released a new Angels vs. Demons roleplaying game called Second Legends. (http://secondlegends.com) Every month there is a new contest to see which side can get the most points. This month, I'm offering either the Angel or the Demon HUD + Wings for FREE (L$499 value) to the first 100 people to join the group, called simply "Second Legends". All you have to do to get the free game system is join the free group, then IM me and let me know if you want the Angel HUD or the Demon HUD.

If there's enough interest, I plan on adding additional character types to the game, whatever people are most interested in seeing, and then it will become more than a 2-party contest.

This is also the most basic possible structure of the game, and there is a lot of room for additional features. If you get the free HUD, let me know what you think!

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