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Looking for friend? Broforce? ^_^


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I'm 22 male, looking for new people to just chat from time to time, or even hang out together.

I'm easy-going, friendly, fun and playful, so I'm pretty sure we won't have any trouble getting along.  I would love to get to know someone with similar traits. I'm not not interested in any kind of sexual relation -  I have wonderful girlfriend I'm happy with, and that's not going to change. I don't really mind about sex ( but honestly I would rather have male friends), age or interest - I will gladly get to know different people with experiences different than mine as well - that's always something unique to me, and I like it.

Things I like to do in second life:

- playing vairety of games, even the ones I don't know and I have people to play with who are patient enough to give me time to learn :P 

- putting some money in and out of NoDevil

- shopping...I tend to buy bunches of stuff and change clothes

- playing gachas. I hate them, yet they are so much fun

- checking out new places hoping to find something awesome

- virtual skateboarding...sadly all the skateparks are empty ;_;

- taking pictures - as almost everyone seems to be photographer in SL - I'm giving it a shot too. I just want to get better :D

- being creative and making new content - I currently own a few marketplace stores

- chatting to randomly met people


My general interests are:

- computer games ( yep, I'm a gamer  - playing mostly on European servers :P )

- fingerboarding

- computer graphics 2D/3D - modeling objects in blender and texturing them with hand made textures

- listening to ALL kinds of music

- dancing - solo ones,  I've been clown walking for quite a while

- reading - it's not always a book, but I tend to read a lot of stuff on web. Pretty much about anything - from worthless trash to tech news, guides, tutorials - I like to expand

- pocket planes (omg so addicting!)

- learning new useful stuff - modeling, scripting, html coding, new languages (currently danish)

- learning bunch of useless stuff - flipping coins, throwing cards, origami, zippo tricks (I don's smoke xO)


If anyone would like to have a chat..just let me know here or in-world. :D


 I tend to change looks of my avatar more or less, but that's it in general: 





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Hey there, Hiroshi! 


I'm glad that there is someone similar interests...I know they might be pretty common in Second Life, but I guess I just wasn't too lucky meeting people sharing things I like to do lately. Especially male ones, so I'm happy twice as much.


And fingerboarding is pretty much like skateboarding, but instead of feet - You 're using tiny 96mm fingerboard and fingers to perform tricks. I used to skateboard before, for now this is filling my time. :D

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I was assuming it was something like that, but I wasn't sure. I haven't seen something like that since my middle school days. Was pretty popular back then.


I'll hit you up in-world, hopefully we can chat the next time we're both on. Sorry it took me a few days to get back to this thread. Work has been busy! That pesky RL. *Laughs*


I've only met a couple of people who share the same interests as do, and they've always been a friend of a friend sort of thing so I never really got to know them.


Computer games, 3D modeling (Mainly Hardsurface/Environment). You and my S.O could talk about Pocket Planes all day, I'm sure. She loves that game. I'm only partially into it. (Because of her, shhh, don't tell her that.)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2650 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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