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Golden Arrow Tours , The Ultimate RP Vacation


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Thank you for taking an interest in Golden Arrow Tours , we are a vibrant new company ...vibrant and growing . For travelers we are setting up tour dates once or twice aweek at the moment , if you are a SIM OWNER of a family community or community resort , welcoming a company like us has many rewards , read on!


let me set the scene: You and your loved one arrive , bags packed and camera's ready . You're excited and unsure exactly whats about to take place , you heard about this trip from friends . The idea seems a little silly , even unorthadox in secondlife but you agree with your date that its fresh and new and could be a lot of fun. You step into the travel office and are polietly greeted by a casually dressed guy who introduces himself as your tour guide.

Outside sitting waiting is a long sleek motor coach , and standing around you are other couples who look like their about to embark on a similar trip as you and your date.

From the meet and greet you are quickly given a travel guide , the bus driver walks in smiling " Alrighty folks who's ready , It's time to travel!"

You have just started the most realistic and lifelike vacation in Secondlife !

Golden Arrow Tours , was started by myself and a friend who actually work in travel tourism in rl ! , we wanted to bring the excitement and thrill of a real life guided tour vacation to SL . Of course we dont do the typical 5 day vacation through the Rockies hehe ...kinda time consuming in SL , bt we do give our clients a 1-6 hour tour that feels a lot like the ones you'd go on in RL.


We are building packages , and expanding packages , we are new ...and already we're seeing copy cats so we know we are onto something here.


A typical tour is as follows:

You arrive at the appointed meet and greet location , sometimes its at a bus stand or hotel . we meet and greet with our group members ( guests like yourself) and we load up the bus . we do a city or town tour , followed by 2-3 stops at a local attraction , sometimes its a natural area like waterfalls or hiking trails , sometimes its art galleries. we then continue to a scheduled stop for lunch , sometimes in a meadow or trendy cafe , then off to the shops and business districts for an hour , finally the tour winds down and we drop you off at a local bed and breakfast, or cruiseship.


Right now our bookings are limited , we have 3 packages available with more being added . we are in the process of setting up a travel center , with information boards etc .

We are looking for business partnerships with sim owners , who would like to host our groups to tour their sims, please message me for more information on that.

one of our luxury coaches


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2571 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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