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Looking for guidance in photography/editing.

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First off, are there any photographers out there that edit with Gimp (successfully)? I have to use Gimp due to the fact that I simply can NOT afford Photoshop.

I've gotten into photography as a hobby and I would really enjoy getting tips and tricks from experienced photographers/editors (even if they DON'T use Gimp). I don't feel as if I'm really having trouble - I know I'm just beginning; But, I feel as if my finished products are no where near as beautiful as other photographer's final products.

Yes, yes, I know "It's an experience thing", but we all (almost) have the same tools. I just want to learn them better. And yes, I have looked up tutorials - there aren't many, and I would rather be able to speak with someone so I can ask questions. If anyone is interested in being a sort of mentor, or just willing to leave some tips here, I would be extremely grateful. Also, link your portfolios! The best way to learn is by observing other artist's work.

Thank you all in advance, and go easy on me, please! xo

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Dear Elizabeth10,

It's nice to see you aspire to become a photographer. It is a great art which allows you to put a lot of personality and unique palettes of your own talents in your work. I am a hobbyist photographer myself. I only do it for matters of fun and recording fun moments in SL. I don't mind spending some time training you for as far as the techniques I know. I'm not as specialized as Theda Wytchwood (awesome tutorial by the way, miss), but I do have the time and passion on my hands to help you get started a bit.

My main strength is the use of appropriate angles of taking pictures. That is the base you're working on. Making the camera love an avatar really does half the picture for you. I apply some filters and blur when the background's not favorable, but other than that there's not much editing involved. The reason I prefer my method to Theda's (with all respect and loves to her), is because I am not staging models. I go out to random sims and just take pictures. I'm going to run through Theda's advice myself, and see if I can combine the two.

But if you'd like to learn some freestyle photographing, I don't mind showing you the ropes.

Some examples of my pictures are on this Flickr page. Feel free to take a look. I won't be offended if I am not on a level of learning you desire to pull up to. The picture I made for my own avatar, is probably my favorite.
^ Note to moderator: I hope my link to my Flickr isn't interpreted as advertising. I am trying to help this resident thus I hope it'll be read in such context.

Drop me an IM if you'd like to gather up sometime.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2523 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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