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Blade's Edge Sub Haven and Sub Support Group

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Blade's Edge offers a sub haven, mentoring, education, a place to call home for submissives. Now we've realized there's need for more!

 Not a discussion with a topic. Not a class. Submissives That simple! Helping each other through struggles on the path to growing as submissives. Free to talk about those things we've been hiding afraid nobody would understand. We support each other, we cry for each other, and sometimes we just sit around and BS together!

Struggling with something and there seems to be no solution?

New to this lifestyle? No better way to learn than from those more experienced.

Been hurt or in a painful situation? Chances are very good someone else has been there.

Want to meet like-minded friends who understand and accept who you are?

Been through hell and back and survived? You have much to offer those in need.

Every Monday evening 6:00 pm. Ask for help. Offer help.


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