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Phredz wrote:

Looking for Role Play sims that have people on at NZ times.

Anything considered, please.



Male fairly new to SL

I am not in NZ or Oz, but in the central USA>  That being said; I am in SL during NZ prime-time quite a bit as my employment has me working 7 days out of 14 and thus I have a lot of spare time on days off :-)


What kind of RP interests you?

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Thank you for the replies.

Being new to SL, that is a good the question.

I am considering being a Lycan, looking into that at present.

I suppose the main thing that I am after is to be involved, have a purpose to be in SL. Not just like in and wander around. Have things to do, people to see and hang out with. Learn about emoting, be imersed in the sim.


I hope that makes a bit of sense.




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If I did my sums correctly, I'm frequently online from 4pm - 6pm Auckland time.....  I'm -17 hours away relative to you, but VERY flexible :-)

I see people and get RP in at Asphyxiation Point in that window

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