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Are you muh mummy er... [bestie]? (Dr Who reference)

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Expanding on the subjuct, if you don't watch DR Who you won't get it. :x

I've done this before, a few times, no long lasting success, so here it goes:  

I'm looking for someone who's outgoing and fun, who's on A LOT.  Like someone who's about to have the shakes if they're not on SL for a lengthy time, I bet you're shivering just thinking about it. :3 (totes not addicted.)

I don't care if you're male or female as long as we can become friends and stay friends, nothin' sexual, but cuddles are recommended. :D

I'm a part-time furrie, meaning sometimes I's furbutt or sometimes I's human.  If you don't like either one, forget about me, but just know you're missing out.

Hm what I like to do is stand around most of the time, maybe drink virtual booze and hit on the noobs (yeah that might be mean, cause they don't have a chance in hell with me, but this is about honesty right herrrrr, yolo.).  I'm pretty easy to get along with, my sense of humor in tact. (unless you don't find me funny.)

I'm 24 almost 25 so if you're around my age or under 35 that'd be great, though as long as you're over 18 that's cool too.  I swear like a sailor, so unladylike, I'm not doing it around children. :3

If you like people with dry sarcastic random personalities who are sometimes human, sometimes furry, who love cuddles and snuggles, and standing around, then you're my best friend, now we just gotta meet.

Some of this is just me being funny, I find humor a good starting point in any relationship. :)

Seriously looking for a bestie/partner in crime/snuggle buddy though. :D

Just message me in world at Deannah Dinzel, I'll be standing around waiting.

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Sadly I have never seen the Show Dr. Who. *burries head in hands* But I have written a simalar posting here in the forums in search of a Best Friend/ Sister and I think we would be the Hyper Sometimes Human Some times one of my many few furrie partner in crimes EVER!! xD Also I cuss like a sailor as well so that is a way plus for me! I am also into shopping for free stuffs and dancing at the club and a plethora of other stuffs. I will look for you in-world. My in-World name is RedWrath Resident! I totes ma goats hope to hear from you soon!! 


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2457 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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