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Avastar + NI Mate and the Kinect to Record BVH Real Time

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Wonder if any of you guys have any suggestions to get this working a bit better.
1. NI Mate from http://www.ni-mate.com/
2. Blender from http://www.blender.org/
3. A Kinect with USB connectivity
4. NI Mate Blender Plugin from http://www.ni-mate.com/use/blender/
5. Blend File https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjf868zldy4dg6f/AvastarMocapRig.blend

Still in early development so hope you can respect that :)

Hope you guys will be able to help me get this working then everyone can enjoy making some quick easy animation


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If I have time, I will try and take a look at this. Looks very interesting. 1 thing I will mention, is that I think it is important to be able to use 2 kinect cameras. I use IPI's desktop mocap system, and I use 2 kinect cameras. The reason is that with 2 cameras, you can get a full 360 view of your body, and the system has 2 sets of data to determine the real position of limbs.

The twisting probably does have something to do with IK, but I think the deformation in the thigh might be from the preserve volume feature in the Armature. I only say this because I've seen similar weird reactions when presurve volume was not used. For the twisting, I wonder if setting limits on the joint would make it better, or in some cases cause the problem.

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Yeah it's a very interesting thing, I think I will stick to doing IPI's desktop mocap as well. I have that too and It seems to work just fine. Would be pretty cool to get it with Avastar right in blender because well just makes things faster not sure if NI Mate works with 2 Kinect's or not

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