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"Women's Prison Bus Breakdown" SIM WIDE ROLE PLAY at the South Side Snakepit 13 July 12:00 noon SLT

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Sim wide role play theme: "Women's Prison Bus Breakdown"; The South Side Snakepit - Sunday July 13th 12:00 noon slt.

Costumes Encouraged!

Theme: A prison bus full of female inmates breaks down while passing through the South Side Snakepit. Instead of a heroic tale of ingenious prisoners digging a tunnel to freedom using spoons, this is a tale of incompetence, understaffed and underpaid guards, and unwatched back doors.

Female inmates are all over the city with as many motives as you can shake a nightstick at. Roles: *Female

*Prisoners: Hardened criminals, petty thieves, prostitutes, the wrongly-convicted, and the criminally insane.

*Prison Guards, Cops, or Private Security:Returning the prisoners in various states of molestation, while some may not be returned at all!

*Citizens: Victims, innocent and not-so-innocent bystanders, or hustlers willing to take advantage of any opportunity. RLV capture devices are available to enhance role play, but RLV is not required to participate


Bring a partner or two or come see who shows up!


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Q. What time does the event end?

A. The event ends when the last two role players give up the theme! You can leave at any time.


Q. Can we (as prisoners) actually escape?

A. Sure! It's role play! If you can make it out of town, you can start a new identity or get over the border to freedom. Then you can become a new character and pick up new RP partners and play again or hang out in the bar and socialize.


Q. Can I be a (bounty hunter), (lawyer), (slaver), (sadistic murderer) (etc?)

A. Sure! Have fun!


Q. I am a Furry...

A. That's not a question! All are welcome. That does not mean everyone is required to closely interact with avitars they are not comfortable with. If someone does not wish to play with another avitar, politely decline. We are here to meet friends, not extend the boundries of bigotry.


Q. I can't speak English well, is it okay for me to use a translator?

A. Sure! All are welcome. If another character does not want to play with someone using a translator, they can politely decline.


Q. Does it all have to do with sex?

A. No, some people will be beaten, killed, eaten, or get drinks in the bar or get a hamburger. Some might escape, and some might never be seen again.




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The Snakepit has been an active hardcore RP sim for about 4.5 years now...



SLURLS have not worked for me for years, I forget other people use them!

You can also search for us in "Places" by "south side snakepit"


Search by Map for the region "CALE"


Thanks for reminding me!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2539 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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