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[mynt]box - The refreshingly different adult sandbox.

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**We are NOT affiliated with any other sandbox in Second Life**

We aim to provide you with the best possible sandbox experience in a nice, bright and friendly environment. You are welcome to build, script, mesh, sculpt, dress up, test or just unpack your latest purchases. We ask you to use common sense with all your activities and treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.

By visiting [mynt]box you agree and abide to the following rules and guidelines:

The purpose of this sandbox is to enable creativity.  Any activity not falling in line with the creative aspects of Second Life and the purpose of a sandbox are subject to review and discretion of the owners
Respect others, no griefing, harassment, annoying others, unreasonably invading the space of others. Treat others with respect and kindness. Zero tolerance against intolerance or racism of any kind.

Due to the nature of an adult rated region, we do allow nudity and wearing of genitalia for the purpose of dressing up and testing.  We do not allow sexual activity, sex sounds (for the sake of a sex act), soliciting of any kind (including escorting). Adult activities contrary to law, Second Life Terms of Service or Code of Conduct will result in immediate and permanent ban from our properties.

We do our utmost to keep this sandbox clean and low lag for you and your projects and ask you to kindly help with our efforts by doing your part. Build only in designated grassy areas, platforms or private workshops. No large builds on ground level. No heavily scripted items or attachments. No particle, sound or object spamming. No unfair use of region resources (e.g more than 200 prims per avatar). Objects are auto-returned after two hours or at the discretion of the owners/management. No liability for lost items. Use common sense and common courtesy while visiting [mynt]box. We embrace the adult nature of our location. Do your part and be an adult.


  • 200 prims per avatar max.
  • No vehicle testing on ground level.
  • No vampire/roleplaying/advertising/solicitation.
  • No griefing/annoyance/harassment/spamming (text, sound, gesture, animation).
  • No crowding/using more than 1/3 of the sandbox space.
  • Take larger builds to a platform, we have many.
  • No weapons allowed period.
  • No begging, gambling, distribution of landmarks or otecard.

Use of the sandbox for any purpose is at the sole discretion of the owners.  We reserve the right to change rules at any time as needed.  It's up to you to stay informed, not knowing about the rules is not an excuse. Violation to the rules will lead into disciplinary action including but not limited to permanent ban from our properties.

For any questions or concerns in regards to these rules, the [mynt]box in general or for the purpose of reporting a violation please feel free to contact the owners / management of [mynt]box at anytime. Contact directly or via Notecard.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2389 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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