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Looking for a good friend/ Bestie

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Hi all, I'm Saki 29, Central Standard Time (Canada/US) and I'm looking for a new Bestie. When I say new, my last bfriendship dissolved like almost 2 years ago when she went through an identity crisis and switched from Domme to Sub in the game, starting over with everything including a new bf. :( It just kinda happened, one day I log on and she's distant and it only got worse from there so yeah. It's been 2 years now, but I have realized that I can now take on a new friend without the baggage of how my last friendship ended. I can honestly say a new friend is a new friend, and it has nothing to do with anything and I have waited long enough that I feel I can trust someone again. The thing I miss the most is voicing or texting but both must be at least an option about our lives in SL. We used to sit for like an hour every week at least and just have a therapeutical chat that ended up being a ritual, and I didn't realize how much it helped me to just be able to level with someone until I didn't have it anymore, and then I just couldn't find or didn't know anyone else I could talk like that to. Friends like that just don't fall into your lap so I guess I'm using this forum to just put it out there... I'd really like a bestie again. I need someone who:

Understands if I have to log off for a week or two- I'm a student and sometimes I just gotta get busy

Is grounded 

Is a female preferably (and plays a female in world)... or a gay male :) I wanna be able to girl chat and not worry about eventually my bestie trying to become more than friends, etc. etc. 

Obviously not everyone who replies is gonna spark it off with me... some energies just don't flow so easily, but this is a start and I'm willing to give everyone a chance if you think you can be ok with my time zone and all. Thanks guys for listening! <3

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