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Looking for a job !

SuperStar Faith
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Hello :)

I'm currently seeking employment. I'm OVER 18 !

I'm from Portugal. I'm fluent in English and Portuguese.

I'm a hardworker, and I love to multitask. I'm open to any jobs or suggestions !

I would love to start my own  business, so I need to earn Lindens!

If you need any help, believe me, I can help you !

I'm a good writer, a good editor and a good manager, because I'm a multitasked person. I already helped in 2 business on their growth, but one didn't continue because she didnt have the time for it. 

I'm starting to learn how to be a Photographer, since in RL I'm taking a school of Marketing, Public Relations, Publicity and Comunication, and they give Photoshop so we can learn more about it.

Any questions you would like me to answer, send a notecard or an IM inworld :)

Thank you.


- Host & Dancer & Manager - Nubalo's Club

- Host - Forbidden Treasures Club

- Host - The Players Lounge

- Dancer - Platinum Club

- Principal - Hope Harbor's School

- Teacher – Willowdale Elementary School

- Sales Rep. - 2F Photography Studio

- Sales Rep. & Manager - Attitudez Photography Studio

- Sales Rep. - Touch of Glamour

- Sales Rep. - Bash Magazine

- Land Agent - Jolbey's Rental

- Land Agent - New York City

- Recepcionist - RGF Estates

- Midwife & Assistant - Little Steps Maternity Clinic

- Midwife - McMasters Maternity Clinic

- Auctioneer - M&A Auction

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