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Dear Ebbe Altberg and Philip Rosedale - Public Vote Request

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Phil Deakins wrote:

I usually do too - differentiate between users and customers.

I'm very interested to know what the big change was to the Adult Content policy that was slipped in under the radar. My understanding of the policy is still the same as when it was first came in. I may have been breaking the rules for a long time without knowing.


I didn't use the word "big," but for an example this one did include a big change:

See Rand Linden's comment(s) at 13:31:


This was right after Parcel Privacy went live.

A lot of people still don't know this but if you have a Parcel on Moderate land and engage in Adult Activities (Bumping Pixels, etc), it is required that you have 'parcel privacy' enabled.

To the best of my knowledge there was no announcement outside of Rand's comment that the policy had been updated.  Got to love his statement, "I forgot to mention...."

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Yes, that wasn't mentioned when adult land came in. I'm not sure that turning off avatar visibility was available at that time though. Back then, it was simply 'behind closed doors' and nothing to do with preventing other people from entering.

It also implies the use of a security device, or those lines that are similar to ban lines, (I forget what theiy're called) to prevent other people from entering.

There's another part that also interests me, immediately below the "behind closed doors" section. It's entitled, "Can a parcel be not entirely Adult?". From it, it could be argued that setting a piece of sex furniture to show in search is advertising it explicity - depending on which side of the bed the Linden who looks at it got out of that day. Certainly there was no requirement to NOT set such items to show in search when adult land came in.


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