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the system has logged you out,account not available until 19-3-2010. CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS?

Aina Darkrose
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Hi Aina,

This error usually means you have been administratively blocked unless it also said something about trying to log you out.  Here is the wiki on it.

Edit to add:  I can't read very well..looks like the message did mention logging you out.  Only the paragraph in red should apply.  I looked at your profile and it showed you offline which would indicate a block.  But now it shows you online so I'm hoping you were able to log in



Linden Lab Official:Why does Second Life say "Your account is not accessible until (date/time)"

From Second Life Wiki

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Does the error specifically state that you are already logging in (or out)? If so, this message simply means that Second Life is still attempting to log out your avatar. Close Second Life, wait fifteen minutes, then attempt to log in again. Do not repeatedly attempt to log in! If you keep trying to log in, the process will take longer.

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