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Help with a Hunt

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Hello everyone.

I'd like to participate in the TGGS aniversary hunt. I learned about it from the SL Hunts website. So I went to the website that the blog had posted and I simply cannot find ANY information about the requirements to participate in the hunt. There's a sign-up sheet but it mentions a fee you have to pay and it doesn't mention things like limitations on the item for the hunt (does it have to be unisex, can it be an exclusive recolouring, only originals, etc?)

I went to the place in SL and it's a gallery. A pretty one at that, but couldn't find any billboard or information about the hunt. I wanted to contact the owner of the gallery, but it is a Japanese person (so I'm not sure how good their english is) and in the profile, it mentions how often that person isn't online.

So, I'm completely lost.

Apperently, I'm the only one who can't spot the information, since there are already people signed up for the hunt, acording to the website.

Any help?

Here's the link to the website: http://thegallerygiftshop.wix.com/tggs

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Hey Spinell!  Yes, that website sure isn't helpful.  But when I searched for TheGalleryGiftShop resident that was listed on the site that you had to pay, there are links on its profile to other avis that maybe could help you.  Good luck, the hunt looks cool.




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On the registering form it says at the bottom "I have sent my fee and full perm logo to TheGalleryGiftShop Resident"

So the person to contact is probably TheGalleryGiftShop Resident.

It is probably an account created for managing this kind of stuffs.

if you check its profile : https://my.secondlife.com/thegallerygiftshop/#about_tab ,you ll get on top 2 other names as contact.

The profile is in english (picks too) so they must be able to understand you if you contact them in english.


So send an IM and copy and paste on a nc if they arent online. And you should get an answer soon or later.


good luck 


ETA : Autumn was faster than i ve been lol

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